Posted on: September 6, 2009 2:56 am

Cut the ACC some slack - for now

Ok, everyone is getting a good laugh in at the ACC. I don't blaim anyone for doing so, there have been some really sad performances so far for the conference.

But let's be realistic about things. The ACC still has a chance to make some BCS noise, because the two rosters with BCS level talent havn't played yet.

First off, nobody ever really thought Wake, Duke, Virginia, Maryland, etc were doing anything this year. The bottom of the ACC is terrible, this is very true. Any team with athletes can beat them, and teams without athletes can beat them too. They stink. I laugh at them too.

UNC, GT, BC and Clemson, all probable bowl teams, won. But I don't mind if you laugh at them. An honest look at their roster should show you that they do not have what it takes this year to compete with a real BCS powerhouse team. If they end up winning the ACC, the ACC will probably get smacked in a BCS game, and is deserving of your laughter.

The "experts" thought that VT was the standard bearer of the ACC. Frankly, if that is true, the ACC is in serious trouble, any year that VT is the best team in the ACC, the ACC stinks compared to the rest of the conferences.

VT is now 2-40 all time vs. top 8 teams after tonight, and don't let the score fool you, Alabama took them to the woodshed tonight, to the tune of about 500 to 150 in total yards. VT never wins the big game, ever. VT is never a serious national title contender, they never beat the best teams in the nation (well, twice in fourty-two tries, but that's pretty much never), because they don't get the recruits to beat the best teams. Like it or not, you need talent to win in college football today. VT doesn't bring it in. 1 five star player every 2 years doesn't cut it.

There are two rosters in the ACC that have the talent to compete with the best of other conferences. Not with Florida or Texas or even USC, but compete with the OSU's and the tOSU's and the Alabama's and LSU's. Those two teams are FSU and Miami.

FSU and Miami have most all the talent in the ACC. They have recruited well for years and continue to do so. Lately they have done a really poor job of making that talent turn into wins, but they are more talented then the other 10 ACC teams, easily. It's just a recruiting fact.

If FSU or Miami turn out to be the class of the ACC, that means they finally are getting the most out of that talent. And that means that they are a team that can compete on the national stage.

So give FSU and Miami a chance to see if they have what it takes this year. If they end up stumbling and put together another year where all that talent goes to waste, then laugh away at the ACC. I'll join you.

But if one or both of them end up having good years, then the ACC has a good chance to win a good BCS bowl matchup and show the cream of the ACC is as good as some of the other middle conferences.

Frankly, until FSU and/or Miami rise up and take the ACC over (or by some miracle a team like UNC starts recruiting on the national stage and pulls in 3 straight top 10 classes that mesh together), the ACC stinks, and stinks badly.

But you have to give those two legit national programs, that recruit nationally and have a national following, a chance to see if this is the year they return to being a national power, before you can just write the ACC off. It's still a bit too early to tell if the ACC is horrible top to bottom. Let's give Miami and FSU a chance to see if they can play up to their talent, and if they do, then the ACC is pretty much the Big 10, not great, but easily better then what you consider the ACC to be right now.

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