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Posted on: November 27, 2008 11:23 am

Review/Preview Detroit 110-96, NYK Sat NYK vs GSW

Well, I predicted a 109-99 win for the Pistons, so 110-96 was pretty darn close. That was about all I had to be excited about as a Knicks fan, however, at least while the game is on. I am excited for the holidays, however, and hope that everybody out there is able to enjoy a Thanksgiving full of good food and good times. As I wait for the family to gather today, I figured I will put out the Review/Preview Thanksgiving morning, because I have the time to write it, and it will give Knicks fans and NBA fans all of the long weekend to stumble upon it at their leisure. So let’s get right to the Detroit game.

Review: Detroit Pistons 110 - 96 New York Knicks

Coming off a brutal loss to Minnesota, Detroit was fired up and ready to go, and the difference in talent and coherision between the two teams was evident on the court from the second quarter on. Detroit looked to be on a mission to get a home NBA win, while the Knicks looked to be on a mission of gaining experience playing with each other, shaking the rust off of Al Harrington’s shot, and getting Harrington and Thomas more involved in the offense.


-  Hopefully Al Harrington’s game is just really rusty. He had 25 points on 8-24 shooting, but most of his 8 makes were from close range. Harrington was 2-7 from behind the arc and was blocked twice, he doesn’t have an explosive vertical. However, he can take comfort in the fact that all the Knicks’ starters were blocked at least one time. Well, not really.

- The Knicks were outscored 26-13 in points off turnovers, out assisted 28-19, and outshot by about 13%. These things will get you beat in the National Basketball Association. However the Knicks did a fairly decent job on the boards, matching Detroit in interior scoring, and in the turnover count.

- The loss of Nate Robinson reared it’s ugly head, as the Knicks guards only took 27 of the 85 total shots. Anthony Roberson and Q-Rich had subpar games, Chris Duhon had one less point then Richardson and Roberson did combined, and Duhon did it on 8 of the 27 aformentioned shots and added 9 dimes.

- David Lee’s 17 points and 15 boards was a decent showing, as Lee was able to shoot 6 of 11, with a couple dunks, a couple inside hoops, and hit a couple medium range two pointers including a nice baseline shot while the Knicks were battling to stay in the game early. The medium range 2 for Lee will have to continue to improve for Lee to become a weapon on the offensive end in the D’Antoni system, but it seems that Lee will get his chance to hone his game from 12 to 18 feet as the season goes on.

- No comment on the Marbury situation. I stated he wouldn’t play despite the fact the Knicks were short handed at the guard spot, and I am the opposite of surprised that this story is back in the news. Much like Q-Rich, I don’t consider Marbury a Knick, and I don’t feel he deserves more then a casual mention buried in the middle of a Review/Preview until something changes.

Preview: New York Knicks vs. Golden State Warriors, Saturday 7:30 pm EST

Jamal Crawford returns to MSG, and brings a 5-10 Golden State team to the Garden to face the 7-8 New York Knicks. The Warriors are giving up some serious points as they travel East, giving up 124 in a 24 point loss at Washington Tuesday, and 119 in a 8 point loss at Boston Wednesday night. The Warriors stay out on the road, playing at Cleveland Friday before heading to the World’s Most Famous Arena for a Saturday night game with the Knicks. If you do the math on this schedule, that is 4 road games in 5 days for the Warriors, all of them very far away from California, and it ends at MSG against a team that will have had the last two days off. This is as good a spot for the Knicks as you can have, and nothing short of a solid win will be acceptable for Knicks fans (at least those that are not setting the world record for looking forward to the 2009 NBA draft).


Knicks-centric stats match-up:

Again: Since the Knicks are a team that runs the D'Antoni offense, posting typical team offensive/defensive stats is pretty silly. I will use offensive and defensive efficiency, a.k.a. how many points a team scores and allows per 100 possessions. Hopefully this will give people a better idea on how teams will stack up against the unique style the Knicks offer. All stats are as of Thanksgiving Day.

Knicks on offense:

Knicks offensive efficiency: 102.9 points/100 (16th in the NBA)
Warriors defensive efficiency: 106.3 points/100 (26th in the NBA)

Knicks on defense:

Warriors offensive efficiency: 102.7 points/100 (17th in the NBA)
Knicks defensive efficiency: 107.3 points/100 (27th in the NBA)

Psst! Hey Donnie Walsh!

This is the section where I usually will take the Knicks next opponent and suggest a legal NBA trade that is feasible for both teams and achieves the Knicks primary objectives moving forward, which are to move Eddy Curry, move Jared Jeffries, or maybe get something for Marbury. These are by no way rumors or even .0001% likely to happen, this is just me having fun, and will hopefully spur a bit of discussion. However, the Knicks just did a deal with the Warriors. I’ll take a pass on this section for the Warriors game, instead unveiling a new section to Review/Preview…

Know the Knicks/Predict the Knicks:

Here is how it works. I will post a trivia question about something Knicks related. Post your guess as a comment below on the blog (after you are done berating my Knicks coverage, of course!) AND post a final score for the Knicks/Warriors game. Also, try to say something funny/clever. I will try to do this every time the Knicks have some time before their next game. I will do a quick update edit to this blog on Saturday and post my pick and the pick of whoever got this answer correct, posted a final score, and I decided to choose for no good reason. I will keep track of the readers picks vs. my own and we will see who gets bragging rights at the end of the year!


Trivia Question (answer from now through all day Friday!):

What team did the Knicks beat in the game the NBA reconigises as the first game in NBA history?

Prediction record: (1-0 straight up, 0-1 ATS)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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