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Posted on: January 8, 2009 6:41 am

Review/Preview OKC 107-99 NYK, Thu NYK at DAL

How do you follow up a win over the defending champion Boston Celtics? If you are the Knicks, there is only one possible way to do it, lose to the worst team in the NBA, the Oklahoma City Whatevers. And be sure to miss 23 trays in the process and get crushed on the boards. Although to be fair, Oklahoma City does have imposing forces on the boards like, ummm, well....

- No, in all seriousness, Durant, Westbrook, and Green all had a great game for the Thunder against the Knicks on Tuesday. Scary to think that they are 20, 20, and 22 years of age. Too bad they could not be more out of Oklahoma once they serve their 4 years. But meanwhile they should get just good enough to help someone else when they come off their rookie contract.

- Hey, it happens. I asked the Knicks for Chrismas to give me some idea how the season would go, but all they have done is prove what Knicks fans already know. This team can beat anyone and lose to anyone. It could be a tough playoff out, and it's highly unlikely they will sniff the playoffs. If there is one thing the Knicks are good for, though, it's the ability to put a clunker up on the road. Until/unless that fixes, it's going to be lottery ball time after the season is over. Someone remind Ricky Rubio the Knicks don't have a 1st rounder in in 2009-2010 for me and he needs to come out this year.

- Considering how the current "showcasing" of Jared Jeffries is resulting in 20 rather unproductive minutes a game, I shudder to think of what will happen when Eddy Curry finally gets some minutes. D'Antoni has been hinting (or threatning, depending on your point of view) that Curry would likely see action during this road trip, and with Curry and Jeffries taking minutes in the post, the Knicks are going to struggle. Even with a shorter rotation, at least the Knicks were getting minutes that accounted for more then showing the NBA that we can play our 6 million dollar contract that goes through 2011 for 20 minutes and he can produce a whopping 4 points and 2 boards (Jeffries). Granted Curry should have a bit more to offer, but I feel the Knicks are hurting the long term trade value of Curry and Jeffries with these unproductive minutes.

Preview: New York Knicks (+8) at Dallas Mavericks, Monday 9:00 pm EST

The Mavs have been playing some excellent ball lately, and are a great 4th quarter team from what I have seen (which is a good deal, they are easily one of the top 3 teams outside the Knicks I watch). Jason Terry is having a fantastic year, and Dirk is probably a top 5 player this year, he should get more pub from the media. Jason Kidd is a bum and was a horrid trade, but Duhon may not have the offensive skills to abuse Kidd on the offensive end. Which would be a shame, since I am sure half the people that read this blog (that would be 4 of you I think) probably think they could take Kidd of the dribble this season. The Knicks have an advantage in Lee down low, but Chandler should be negated by Howard. Dampier is a bum, which is nice, but so is Jeffries, which is not so nice. The Knicks will have to bring their A game from behind the arc, get clutch performances by Q-Rich and Nate, and keep the pressure on for 4 full quarters to get out of Dallas with a win.

Knicks-centric stats match-up:

Again: Since the Knicks are a team that runs the D'Antoni offense, posting typical team offensive/defensive stats is pretty silly. I will use offensive and defensive efficiency, a.k.a. how many points a team scores and allows per 100 possessions. Hopefully this will give people a better idea on how teams will stack up against the unique style the Knicks offer.

Knicks on offense:

Knicks offensive efficiency: 102.8 points/100 (17th in the NBA)
Mavs defensive efficiency: 102.4 points/100 (10th in the NBA)

Knicks on defense:

Mavs offensive efficiency: 105.4 points/100 (12th in the NBA)
Knicks defensive efficiency: 106.9 points/100 (24th in the NBA)

Psst! Hey Donnie Walsh!

This is the section where I usually will take the Knicks next opponent and suggest a legal NBA trade that is feasible for both teams and achieves the Knicks primary objectives moving forward, which are to move Eddy Curry, move Jared Jeffries, or maybe get something for Marbury. I'm skipping over the Mavs, a team I did before the Knicks dealt Z-Bo and Crawford, and going to Houston, an interesting team that the Sports Guy floated a Knicks/Rockets trade in a podcast this week that I have slightly modified.

Knicks get: Tracy McGrady (20.3 million/2 years), Chuck Hayes (1.8 million/2 years/team option for 3), Joey Dorsey (800k/2-4 years, rookie options)
Rockets get: Stephon Marbury (20.9 million/1 year), David Lee (1.8 million/1 year), Nate Robinson (2 million/1 year)

Why would the Rockets do this? T-Mac is due to make 23.2 million next season.  With this trade the Rockets dump an impressive 26 million off the 2009 books. The Rockets are just holding onto that 7 seed by a hair, and could be the team that slides out of the playoffs with their constant injuries. Freeing up a ton of money for 2009 would be a great move for Houston. They could attract a talent like an Iverson, or use the money to lock up Lee and or Robinson and pick up a quality PG like a Raymond Felton. Combine this guard depth with Yao and Battier and Houston can remind a top West team for long after T-Mac has hung it up. Why do the Knicks trade their young talent for T-Mac and still leave Curry and Jeffries on the books? Well, Chuck Hayes and Joey Dorsey are two servicable post players that the Knicks can choose to extend or not extend into 2010 at their leisure and at a good price. And second, the Knicks don't have a 2010 first round pick. They might as well win as much as they want to in 2009-2010, they have nothing else to gain with a bad season. T-Mac can get the Garden fired up when he's not missing 50 games a year, and he could be a force in the D'Antoni system. Donnie Walsh dealing Marbury shows 2010 free agents that he has the skills to build a winner, which could be huge. The Sports Guy's guests on the podcast didn't think a T-Mac/Hayes for Marbury/Lee deal would suit the Rockets, but I don't think they could pass up the deal if Nate is tossed in for Dorsey (who is no chopped liver, he showed flashes of brillance at Memphis and could be a Dampier type, for about 20 million less a year).

Knicks Prediction:

It's the Knicks on the road against what is, in my opinon, the third best team in the West. It's not pretty, although the Knicks did show up big time against the Lakers. The Mavs are a veteran team that should take care of business against the Knicks, they have been around the block too many times to sleep on New York after the Knicks gave them all they wanted earlier in the year

Mavs 112-Knicks 101 (season record: 7-2 straight up, 4-5 ATS)
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